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 Frequently Asked Questions About QWZR 
Q: What does QWZR stand for?
A: Absolutely nothing. I wanted to own a 4 letter domain name and all the ones that make up words (or anything vaguely resembling a word or acroynm) were taken a long time ago. QWZR could be pronounced "quizzer" or "quasar" if you like. Maybe it could stand for Quick Worthy Zany Redirects.

Q: Is this domain, qwzr.com, for sale?
A: No. Well, there is one way I would consider selling it. Pay me $100,000 or more and it's yours with current content included! Please stop sending me emails with offers of $1000 for it as I will NOT SELL for that cheap.

Q: What is the point of this?
A: This site allows you to shorten and mask your link. There are many sites that provide a similiar service. Basically, people often want to hide the fact that they are providing an affiliate link to a website or the site being posted to has character limits like twitter.com.

Q: Why can't I create a permanent redirect link?
A: I do not have unlimited storage space. Besides, nothing on the web is forever... so why should redirect links try to be? Try a service like tinyurl.com if you really need permanent links. I might let you create a customized permanent link if you pay me lots of money.

Q: Why can't I create more than 10 redirect links?
A: I only allow 10 links a day. If you want to pay me lots of money I might let you create as many as you like.

Q: Is my QWZR link guaranteed to last the full duration I specified?
A: Heck no! I offer NO guarantees about anything here. This site might be gone tomorrow. You just never know. Use at your own risk! That being said, this site has been operating since 2006.

Q: Can I get one of those browser links that lets me QWZRify the page I'm on?
A: Sure, here you go... QWZRify

Q: Can I get a Chrome extension that lets me QWZRify the page I'm on?
A: Yes, see here... Chrome QWZR extension

Q: Can I get a Firefox add-on that lets me QWZRify the page I'm on?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Who made/runs this site?
A: Marko Vidberg. See vidberg.com

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